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EVENINGSIDE (2021-2022)

Premiering at Intesa Sanpaolo's Gallerie d'Italia Museum, Turin, October 12

HELLO TURIN, and anyone within traveling distance … I wanted to let you all know that I’m premiering a series of new pictures Oct. 12 entitled Eveningside at the Gallerie d’Italia, the fourth and newest museum of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank in Italy. I’m pleased to be a part of the program of this brand new museum, which is entirely dedicated to photography, and that my work will be the focus of their first major exhibition.

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In addition to the new pictures, the show includes a survey of work spanning the last ten years, beginning with Cathedral of the Pines (2012-2014) and An Eclipse of Moths (2018-2019); under the superb curatorial guidance of Jean-Charles Vergne, a long time friend and collaborator.

Another exciting element: James Murphy of LCD Soundystem and renowned instrumentalist/composer Stuart Bogie worked together on two original pieces of music, “Morningside” and “Eveningside” to be the soundtrack of the new series of photographs. The music weaves its way into the museum exhibition in a couple different ways, and you can hear a bit of it in the video above. It will also be released as an album.

I’ve been somewhat quiet recently on Substack while I’ve been preparing for this show, but I’ll be posting videos, images, and clips from a 20 minute behind the scenes short film called “Making Eveningside” here over the next days and weeks. I’ve invited some of my production team to join me on this page as well, to speak to the process and the inspiration behind the new work. You’ll be seeing alot of us in your inbox; stay tuned!

Video above features GREGORY CREWDSON, Madeline’s Beauty Salon, 2021-2022, digital pigment print, image size: 34.5 x 46 in. © Gregory Crewdson; and original music: “Morningside,” © James Murphy and Stuart Bogie, from Stuart Bogie’s “Clarinet and Delays,” forthcoming from DFA Records.

Editorial note: This piece was written by Juliane Hiam based on conversations and interviews with the artist. The details video was edited by Christian Badach.

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