A dual screen clip from a short behind the scenes film.

The above clip is from a 20 minute behind the scenes film, “Making Eveningside,” by Harper Glantz, set to original music by James Murphy and Stuart Bogie. (I recommend watching it full screen.) We’ll be sharing more clips from this behind the scenes piece here over the coming days and weeks, as well as clips from a “details video” (like the one we posted yesterday) which gives a closer look at the pictures themselves. I’ll say more about the music collaboration with James and Stuart in future posts, and I’ll also be inviting Harper to say a few words about “Making Eveningside,” and why she chose to create a dual screen experience with her footage, taken on the set of Eveningside about one year ago.

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What you’re seeing above in Harper’s film was shot on the set of the below picture, The Family Doctor, which was made on location in North Adams, MA, last fall.

GREGORY CREWDSON, The Family Doctor, 2021-2022, digital pigment print, image size: 34.5 x 46 in. © Gregory Crewdson

Clip from “Making Eveningside,” a film by Harper Glantz, ©Crewdson Studio, with original music, “Eveningside” © James Murphy and Stuart Bogie, from Stuart Bogie’s “Clarinet and Delays,” forthcoming from DFA Records.

“Making Eveningside” will be projected on adjacent walls in a multimedia space at Gallerie d’Italia in Turin, Italy, where Eveningside will be on view beginning October 12, as part of a larger ten year survey.

Editorial note: This post was written by Juliane Hiam to Gregory’s direction and dictation.

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