A Peek Behind the Scenes of Eveningside Tattoo
GREGORY CREWDSON, Eveningside Tattoo, 2021-2022, digital pigment print, image size: 34.5 x 46 in. © Gregory Crewdson

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Clip from “Making Eveningside,” a film by Harper Glantz, ©Crewdson Studio, with original music, “Eveningside” © James Murphy and Stuart Bogie, from Stuart Bogie’s “Clarinet and Delays,” forthcoming from DFA Records.

“Making Eveningside” is projected on adjacent walls in a multimedia space at the Gallerie d’Italia in Turin, Italy, where Gregory Crewdson: Eveningside, an exhibition of the eponymous new series of pictures plus a survey of the last ten years in the artist’s career, curated by Jean-Charles Vergne, is on view through Jan. 22, 2023.

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Crewdson Trail Log
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