It’s All One Thing

The Crewdson Trail Log Begins Here

Self Portrait, while stuck in traffic, 2012 © Gregory Crewdson

When I’m asked to describe my “creative process,” my mind usually spins for a second while I attempt to approximate an answer that alludes to a clean, compartmentalized, “thing” I do to formulate ideas, and will them into existence as photographs. But the real process is not truly ever simple enough to articulate. The fact is, I’m thinking about stories, living in a state of ideas, of characters, and cars, and locations, even as I may be putting on my swim goggles or throwing salmon on the grill at the end of the day, and any number of things in between. Art, process, life, swimming, skiing, hiking, grilling, movies, podcasts, sleep. I often say “it’s all one thing,” and it’s true. I do spend time in my studio, of course, but only the tiniest sliver or fraction of anything is created within those walls. Making pictures happens simultaneously with all of life, all the ups and the downs, throughout everything I do, and across every activity. That’s how we landed on the name “Trail Log” for this Substack. The trail is wherever my day leads, wherever my mind wanders, past, present, future, or fiction. So, you’ll get an inside view into shooting pictures here. But you’ll also spend time with me in nature, on travels, with friends, and alone. It’s all one thing.

My partner Juliane will often be helping transcribe or translate my thoughts into something readable. And sometimes I’ll invite others from my production team to share lighting plots, design sketches, production maps, and behind the scenes stills and video.

Welcome. I’m happy to have you along on the journey.

The Crewdson Trail Log has a couple subscription options. As a free member, you’ll get all of Gregory’s notes from hikes, swims, skis, and updates from the studio nature cams. You’ll also get views into production, the process on set, post-production and printing in the studio. If you like all of that, and would like to go even deeper into the picture-making process, you can support what we’re doing here with a paid subscription. Behind the pay wall, you’ll get an even more in depth look at production, lighting, gear, process secrets, and you’ll be able to see pictures and videos before they’re released publicly.

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